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10 years ePrep Brochure

2011 ePrep - SILLAGES Day

Ecole polytechnique, Palaiseau, October 20, 2011

Organised by ePrep, hosted by Ecole polytechnique

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With the support of the SILLAGES partners:
- launched by Ecole polytechnique / ParisTech, ESSEC, and ePrep,
- under the patronage of Commissariat à la diversité et à l'égalité des chances,
- associating Conférence des grandes écoles, EDHEC and UNISCIEL;
and with the support of CNED, of Inria, and of Agence universitaire de la Francophonie.

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All presentations (in French) can be downloaded as pdf files. Click below to directly access the sections you wish.

The ePrep - SILLAGES Day, filmed by Canalc2, is available here
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Participants in the
ePrep - SILLAGES Day

Under the theme "ICTE (Information and Communication Technologies for Education) for enhancing access to the Grandes écoles", the 2011 ePrep - SILLAGES Day brought together 61 participants (attendee list in French) from 9 countries (Algeria, Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, France, Morocco, Lebanon, Switzerland, Tunisia).

In the morning, the 2011 ePrep International Thematic Seminar, untitled "Innovative projects for international cooperation", was the occasion to discover projects developed by ePrep or by other organisations, and to discuss about four important themes in the domain of ICT for enhancing international access to establishments:

  • How to share resources between establishments in different countries (updating, archiving, sharing resources with international communities),
  • Student mobility and eLearning (the training of French students in foreign establishments, or the training of foreign students in French establishments),
  • "Culture" of TIC (some countries have been practicing TIC from a long time, because of their geographic distances for instance),
  • Human interaction through technologies and international exchanges.

The closing session celebrated the 10th ePrep anniversary.

In the afternoon, the 2011 SILLAGES Event, untitled "SILLAGES resources and community: results and prospects", provided an opportunity to present the SILLAGES online resources (free and well adapted for enhancing social and international access to the "grandes écoles"), and to think about the interaction between the communities gathered by SILLAGES and supporting organisations (Conférence des grandes écoles, UNISCIEL, CNED, Inria, APLCPGE, FESIC).

During the closing session took place the 2011 SILLAGES award ceremony for the best contributions to the SILLAGES Platform and the SILLAGES Wiki.


2011 ePrep International Thematic Seminar

Panel international
Panel for international aspects - ePrep Seminar

Innovative projects for international cooperation

Opening address
     Amiral Denys ROBERT, Principal private secretary, Ecole polytechnique

Introduction: Results and prospects of 10 years of international cooperation inside ePrep (pdf - 213 kB)
     Nathalie VAN DE WIELE, Director, ePrep

An example of international cooperation between CPGEs in Lebanon (pdf - 188 kB)
     Marwan BROUCHE, CPGE Teacher in Physics, Ecole supérieure d'ingénieurs de Beyrouth (ESIB), Lebanon
     Olivier GRANIER, CPGE Teacher in Physics, Lycée Montesquieu, Le Mans

Cooperation with Institut de technologie du Cambodge (ITC), from ePrep to SILLAGES (pdf - 258 kB)
     Roland SENEOR, Official representative, Ecole polytechnique / ParisTech
     With the participation of
     Marie HENAFF, Student, Ecole polytechnique
     Sopheak CHEY et Angkeara SVAY, ITC Students at Ecole polytechnique, Cambodia

STIC for education, an international approach (pdf - 78 kB)
     Jean-Pierre ARCHAMBAULT, President ofEPI, Official representative ofCNDP-CRDP de Paris

Four important themes in the domain of ICT for enhancing international access to establishments

Moderator: Richard HOTTE, Director, LICEF, TÉLUQ, Canada (pdf - 377 kB)

     Hichem CHAABANE, CPGE Teacher in Physics, Ecole préparatoire aux académies militaires, Tunisia
     Bernadette CHARLIER, Professor, Educational sciences, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
     Bernard CURZI, eLearning Director, EDHEC Business School,
     François TSOBNANG, Deputy Director, ISMANS
     Christine VANOIRBEEK, Director of MEDIA Research Group, EPFL, Switzerland

Closing session and celebration of the 10th ePrep anniversary
     Christian MARGARIA, Special Counsellor in Higher Education for the Commissioner for Diversity
     and Equality of Chances (pdf - 94 kB)


2011 SILLAGES Event

Christian Margaria
Panel regarding communities - SILLAGES Event

SILLAGES resources and community: results and prospects

First session
Free online resources and well adapted for enhancing social and international access to the "grandes écoles"

Moderator: Guy ATHANAZE, Teacher in Mathematics, INSA de Lyon

Introduction to the SILLAGES initiative (pdf - 303 kB)
     Nathalie VAN DE WIELE, Director, ePrep
     Roland SENEOR, Official representative, Ecole polytechnique / ParisTech

The resources and the functionalities of the SILLAGES Platform and of the SILLAGES Wiki (pdf - 524 kB)
     Olivier GRANIER, administrator of the SILLAGES Platform
     Catherine LAIDEBEURE, contributor to the SILLAGES Wiki

Pedagogical innovation in Greek and Latin (pdf - 2,2 MB)
     Michèle TILLARD, CPGE Teacher in Greek, Lycée Montesquieu, Le Mans
     Patrick VOISIN, CPGE Teacher in Latin, Lycée Louis Barthou, Pau

Interactions between the SILLAGES community and other communities in the same field

Moderator: Pierre ALIPHAT, General Delegate, CGE, President of the SILLAGES Editorial Committee (pdf - 311 ko)

     Claude BORGIS, General Delegate, FESIC
     Patrice CORRE, Vice-President, APLCPGE
     Chantal DARDELET, Head of Diversity and Equality of Chances, CGE
     Solange GONZALEZ, Responsible for "Grandes écoles", CNED
     Christine LEININGER, Inria / )i(nterstices
     Manuel MAJADA, General Secretary, UNISCIEL
     François STOFFT, Official representative, DGA


2011 SILLAGES awards

Médaille de Polytechnique
2011 SILLAGES Awards

Award ceremony for the best contributions to the SILLAGES Platform and the SILLAGES Wiki by Manuel MAJADA, representative of Clara DANON, Head of the Digital Mission, DGESIP, French Ministry for Higher Education and Research (pdf - 115 kB).

The prizewinners are:

  • SILLAGES Price in English: Sylvie PRUFER, Institut Stanislas, Cannes
  • SILLAGES Price in Business: Olivier LEVYNE, ISC Paris, HEC and Paris Dauphine
  • SILLAGES Price in Greek and Literature: Michèle TILLARD, Lycée Montesquieu, Le Mans
  • SILLAGES Price in Latin: Patrick VOISIN, Lycée Louis Barthou, Pau
  • SILLAGES Price in Mathematics: Catherine LAIDEBEURE, Lycée Albert Schweitzer, Le Raincy
  • SILLAGES Price in Physics: Olivier GRANIER, Lycée Montesquieu, Le Mans

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