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10 years ePrep Brochure

2010 ePrep International Thematic Seminar

The French Senate
Palais du Luxembourg, Paris, seat of the French Senate

Palais du Luxembourg, Paris, November 17, 2010
Under the aegis of Senator Marc Daunis

On the theme : "Sustainable Education "

With the support of Conférence des grandes écoles (CGE), of CNED, of INRIA, and of Le Monde

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Including the official launch of SILLAGES initiative (resources for enhancing social and international access to the "grandes écoles") jointly developed by Ecole Polytechnique / ParisTech, ESSEC and ePrep

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  ePrep 2010 documents   Senate medal
Address of Pierre TAPIE, President of CGE,
on the theme "Sustainable Education"
(Video 11 min - in French)
Documents given to participants
(3,2 MB folder)
Senate medal given for 2010 SILLAGES awards

All presentations (in French) can be downloaded as pdf files. Click below to directly access the sections you wish.

The Seminar, filmed by Canalc2, is available here
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Kakemono ePrep 2010
Kakemono of the Seminar

The theme Sustainable Education gathers several concepts. A Sustainable Education organisation offers :

  • an international and a social open access for all,
  • an exemplary way of operating, especially in term of information and communication technlologies for education (ICTE),
  • a support to students when they are in the organisation or after they have left it.

This 9th ePrep event, which brought together 89 participants of 8 countries (Cambodia, Canada, Côte d'Ivoire, France, Lebanon, Senegal, Switzerland, Tunisia), was the opportunity to think about and to illustrate these concepts.

This seminar was also the occasion to officially launch the SILLAGES initiative - resources for enhancing social and international access to the "granes écoles" - which results of the development, under the guidance of Ecole polytechnique / ParisTech, ESSEC and ePrep, of two projects which have been developed in their exploratory phase by ePrep since October 2006 :

The 2010 SILLAGES award ceremony took place during the closing session: twelve authors, in economics, literature and sciences, were given a medal of the French Senate.


Session 1: The concept of Sustainable Education

Session 1
Senator Daunis and H.E. Sackona Phoeurng

Opening address by Senator Marc DAUNIS

The objectives of the seminar (pdf - 2 MB)
     Nathalie VAN DE WIELE, Director, ePrep

Digital Mission and Sutainable Education (pdf - 4,5 MB)
     Clara DANON, Head of the Digital Mission, DGESIP, French Ministry for Higher Education and Research

ICTs for a Sustainable Education in Europe (pdf - 537 kB)
     Patricia MANSON, Acting Director Directorate E, Information Society Directorate-General, European Commission (Luxembourg)

The use of ICTs for a Sustainable Education in Cambodia (pdf - 4,5 MB)
     H. E. Sackona PHOEURNG, Secretary of State for Education, Youth and Sports, and President of the Administration Board of ITC (Cambodia)

Examples in the Grandes écoles
     Cyrille VAN EFFENTERRE, président de ParisTech (pdf - 336 kB)
     Françoise REY, Deputy General Director, ESSEC Group (présentation pdf de 992 kB)

Statements and overviews
     Pierre TAPIE, President, Conférence des grandes écoles (see the videa above)
     Bruno ROGER-VASSELIN, Director of Higher Education, CNED (pdf - 741 kB)
     Jean-Pierre VERJUS, President's Councillor, INRIA (pdf - 811 kB)


Session 2: Examples of Sustainable Education projects

Sesion 2
Pierre Aliphat introducing Session 2

Chaired by Pierre ALIPHAT, General Delegate, Conférence des grandes écoles (pdf - 799 kB)

The use of mobile devices in higher education
     Bernard BENHAMOU, Delegate to the Internet usages, French Ministry for Higher Education and Research (presentation of Proxima mobile)

The SILLAGES initiative: round table for social openness aspects (pdf - 889 kB)
     moderated by Jean-Pierre CHOULET, Director of Pôle des systèmes d’information, ESSEC Group
     including the contributions of
     Gérard CLAES, President of the Scientific Committee, Omeric
     Damien DECOUT, Head of C2i at Université de Savoie
     Didier OILLO, Director of the Pedagogical Innovation and of the Knowledge Economics, AUF
     Christine VANOIRBEEK, Director of MEDIA Research Group, EPFL, Switzerland
     Monique VINDEVOGHEL, General Secretary, UNISCIEL

The SILLAGES initiative: round table for international openess aspects (pdf - 664 kB)
     moderated by Roland SENEOR, Representative of Ecole polytechnique / ParisTech
     including the contributions of
     Marwan BROUCHE, CPGE teacher in Physics, ESIB (Lebanon)
     Hichem CHAABANE, CPGE teacher in Physics, EPAM, Sousse (Tunisia)
     Alphonse GUEI, Deputy General Director, INP-HB (Côte d'Ivoire)
     Richard HOTTE, Director of LICEF, TÉLUQ (Canada)
     Mohamadou Arabani SAIBOU, General Director, ESMT Dakar (Senegal)


2010 SILLAGES awards

Prix SILLAGES 2010
The 2010 SILLAGES awards

Award ceremony for the SILLAGES Platform and the SILLAGES Wiki by Christian MARGARIA, Special Counsellor in Higher Education for the Commissioner for Diversity and Equality of Chances ( pdf - 111 kB).

The prizewinners are:
Brigitte BONNET (Mathematics, Centre international de Valbonne)
Patrice BOTTINEAU (Physics, Lycée Louis le Grand, Paris)
Marwan BROUCHE (Physics, ESIB, Liban)
François CAPACES (Mathematics, Sciences Po Nancy)
Bernard CURZI (Economics, EDHEC Business School)
Damien DECOUT (Physics, Université de Savoie)
Olivier GRANIER (Physics, Lycée Montesquieu, Le Mans)
Catherine LAIDEBEURE (Mathematics, Lycée A. Schweitzer, Le Raincy)
Alain SOYEUR (Mathematics, Lycée Pierre de Fermat, Toulouse)
Jacques TABUTEAU (Physics, Lycée Janson de Sailly, Paris)
Emmanuel VIEILLARD-BARON (Mathematics, Lycée Blaise Pascal, Colmar)
Patrick VOISIN (Latin, Lycée Louis Barthou, Pau)


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