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2008 ePrep International Thematic Seminar

Participants to the 2008 ePrep Seminar
Participants in the 2008 ePrep Seminar, Ecole Centrale de Pékin, Beihang University

Ecole Centrale de Pékin, Beijing (China), October 28, 2008

ePrep and International Cooperation: activities and tools

Organised by ePrep

With the support of the Conférence des grandes écoles and of the Union des professeurs de spéciales

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Hosted by Ecole Centrale de Pékin

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The 2008 ePrep International Thematic Seminar was organised in the general framework of the international development of CPGEs through ICT, one of the axis of the ePrep mission since 2001 (the ePrep Website is bilingual - French/English -, ePrep workshops organised every two years have always included parallel sessions devoted to the international dimension, ePrep is one of the 14 partners of the PALETTE European project, ePrep international thematic seminars are organised in foreign countries), and in the specific framework of the cooperation initiated with Ecole Centrale de Pékin since 2005 (in 2005, ePrep proposed to Ecole Centrale de Pékin to consider the development of a pilot project in the field of ICT and produced a first report - pdf 336 kB - on this project in 2006).

This seminar brought together 36 participants (pdf 20 KB), including an ePrep delegation composed of 19 members coming especially from France, to work on the theme "ePrep and International Cooperation: activities and tools". For its delegation, ePrep has also organised a technical and social programme.

The aim of the seminar was to lead concrete actions supporting international cooperation between establishments, in particular short-term actions allowing professors in French CPGEs and similar establishments to strengthen links with their counterparts in Ecole Centrale de Pékin.

To reach this objective, the actions planned will use tools proposed by ePrep and by Ecole Centrale de Pékin:

  • open access to the ePrep Community of practice, its projects, its tools, for French or Francophone teachers of Ecole Centrale de Pékin who want to cooperate collaboratively (Wikiprépas, ePrep Francophone Platform, Web editor and multimedia editor - Amaya and LimSee3, PALETTE tools -)
  • creation of a mailing list for exchanges (in English) aiming at making French CPGE teachers and Ecole Centrale de Pékin teachers develop links (on specific issues such as, for instance, the differences between the Chinese and French ways for conducting exam sessions, and under the impulsion of the Chinese teachers who are asked to precise their needs)
  • set up of a forum for further exchanges under the responsibility of Ecole Centrale de Pékin
  • identification of other possible cooperative actions (translation of French courses in Chinese, etc.)

Another output of the seminar was a fruitful discussion on the international cooperation inside ePrep and beyond. As pedagogy and culture are strongly linked, the idea of the exportation of the CPGE French model in foreign countries leads to think about efficiency and durability issues.

All presentations given during the seminar can be accessed below. The seminar brochure is proposed here (pdf 36 kB).



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Opening Session

Session "The ePrep Community of practice, its projects, its tools"

Session "International cooperation: axis of reflexion"

Panel How to allow French CPGE teachers and Ecole Centrale de Pékin teachers developing links?


Photo Album

Pictures proposed here are in chronological order. They were taken during the workshop itself and during the technical and cultural visits organised by ePrep from October 26 to November 1. Higher definition pictures (jpeg files of around 300 kB) will appear when clicking on the pictures.


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