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10 years ePrep Brochure

2006 ePrep International Thematic Seminar

 Participants to the 2006 ePrep Seminar
Participants in the 2006 ePrep Seminar

EPAM, Sousse (Tunisia), October 30, 2006

Cooperation with French-speaking countries through ICT for "Classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles" and similar establishments

Organised by ePrep

With the support of the Conférence des grandes écoles and the Union des professeurs de spéciales

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Hosted by the Ecole préparatoire aux académies militaires, Sousse, with the backing of the Tunisian Ministry for National Defense

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On the occasion of the 2006 ePrep International Workshop, the ePrep community expressed the wish that thematic seminars could take place between each workshop (held every 2 years). The First ePrep International Thematic Seminar was organised to answer this request.

Its focus, in line with the international parallel sessions of the 3 ePrep international workshops (2002, 2004, and 2006) was “cooperation with French-speaking countries through ICTs in CPGEs and similar establishments”.

The seminar attracted over 60 participants from 8 countries (France, Canada, China, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Switzerland, Tunisia), representing teachers in ‘classes préparatoires’, research institutes, training organisations, universities, etc.

The outputs of this First ePrep International Thematic Seminar, structured in plenary and parallel sessions, were quite substantial: on the one hand concrete cooperation projects between French establishments and establishments located in French-speaking countries were shaped; on the other hand, the evolution of the ePrep community of interest towards an ePrep community of practice (CoP), thanks namely to the tools developed in the framework of the PALETTE project, was formalised.

These cooperation projects will in the next future be further developed through “discussion threads” accessible on a “blog” of the PALETTE web site dedicated to the ePrep CoP.

In order to join the ePrep community of practice, and thus be involved in the discussions on ongoing projects and on tools needed to develop them, members of the ePrep community of interest are first invited to send an application, as explained in the related section of this website.

The detailed project list, and the names of the “thematic referring persons” who will moderate these discussion threads can be found in the seminar concluding address, available here, in French (pdf archive - 432 kB).

All participants have very positively assessed the various aspects of the event (scientific and social programme, technical and cultural visits photo album below) and have considered its objectives have been fully reached. The decision to organise a second ePrep thematic workshop in October or November 2007 (date, venue, and focus to be announced in the next months) was therefore logical.

This seminar should provide an opportunity to evaluate the progress made on the various initiatives launched in Sousse.



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Plenary Opening Session

Parallel session 1
How to develop cooperation between French CPGE and similar establishments and those of French-speaking countries?

Parellel session 2
Which tools for the ePrep CoP?

Plenary Closing Session


Photo Album

Pictures proposed here are in alphabetical order. They were taken during the workshop itself and during the technical and cultural visits organized by EPAM on October 31 and November 1. Higher definition pictures (gif files of around 200 kB) will appear when clicking on the pictures.


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