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ePrep is now involved in the development of the SILLAGES initiative
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The SILLAGES initiative - resources for enhancing SocIaL and internationaL Acces to the Grandes EcoleS -, born in April 2010, results of the development of two projects which have been developed in their exploratory phase by ePrep since October 2006 :

Member of the Association since its creation in October 2011, with Conférence des grandes écoles, Ecole Polytechnique ParisTech, EDHEC, ESSEC and UNISCIEL, ePrep is now devoted to the development of the SILLAGES initiative.

If the developments of the SILLAGES initiative involving ePrep since 2012 are datailed on the SILLAGES Website, those from the birth of SILLAGES in April 2010 to the creation of the Association in October 2011 are listed here (in French).


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